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Extracurricular Clubs

Objectives for Extracurricular Clubs

1. to provide fun school life

2. to develop positive self-concept and community capabilities

3. to foster creative talents


DICS Newspaper Club

Newspaper club is an academic club designed to expose students to the skills of journalism, photography, drawing, publication, and collaboration. 


English Drama

The particular club is designed to discipline divers ways of learning verbal English, communication, how to recite dialogues and demonstrate individuals potential of performance in front of audience. 


Farm Story

By using vegetable gardens located around the school buildings, we study and understand the acquisition of fundamental technologies of lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, and growth of plants.



The club helps students to practice ensemble music selected by the students, and they have performances in special occasions. 


Praise & Practical Music

The club has special practice and performances to complete music and praise songs.

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