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Young-Jun Cho

Young Jun, Cho

Head of Academic Affairs (Korean Curriculum) (교무부장)

Science Classes

I am Ph.D Young Jun Cho studied at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg in Germany under Prof. Klaus Palme as he well known top scientist in the world about the plants hormone Auxin transport. During Ph.D degree processed project that analysis of PIN-efflux-carrier of polar auxin transporter complex and regulations of polar auxin transport. BA and MA major of molecular biology at Dankook university in Seoul 

After study great calling from God’s, it leaded to me at Dure International Creative School and teaching position for the science. My dream is all student get the wisdom for their life from study science and I want to student know the who creative the World it by the God. This year I focus to student get more interest about the science by the doing science experiments. 


Thomas S. Lee

Head of Academic Affairs (English Curriculum) (교무부장)

U.S. Citizen

Dev., Senior Designer & Admin of School Website

Developer & Admin of ThinkWave

Science, AP Chemistry Classes & AP Calculus

School Song Composer

Graduated with Chemistry from West Chester University in the United States, majoring in composition at Temple Graduate School of Music.

Studio session activities for singers such as Byun Jin-seop and Jang Hye-jin in the 1990s.

Seo Taiji Concert Session  (Shrine Auditorium) in Los Angeles, United States in 1992

Dupont, a researcher at a U.S. pharmaceutical company.

I worked as a music director for Major Musicals such as Les Misérables in the U.S. with Time Warner.

Worked at Samsung America

The goal is to be a teacher who can look at the same place as students from their eyes.

I will strive to be a teacher who makes students cherish memories and values via the process and results, dreams and visions, and the philosophy of education that values motivation and courage.

Young-Hye Yoon

Head of Administration/Admission Department

Sociology Classes

I am a teacher from Dure Culture Village who majored in economics at Chung-Ang University and completed a social studies teaching course.

I carried out the university superintendent, student support, and scholarship support project and worked at a large language institute in Mok-dong for more than five years.

I joined the organization to contribute to the development of Dure education based on my experience in various educational projects.

I will be a bright teacher who grows up with students at Dure International Creative School, which provides robust sports activities in God's love and education essential for this era.


Soo-dong Park

the Head of Student Affairs

Math Classes

I graduated from Ajou University's Department of Mathematics and have been teaching secondary mathematics at Dure International School for three years. From the process of teaching basic skills in numbers to unusual advanced mathematics, we are praying for all students to have mathematical creativity and creativity. We will always try to provide a foundation for exploring the meaning of biblical mathematics education.

Son Yun

Head of Math Department

Math Classes

I majored in aeronautical mechanical engineering at Korea Aerospace University and worked for 10 years in missionary organizations in Korea and the United States.

While studying Christian world view and Christian education in the United States for 2 years, I served the alternative school in the United States as an intern teacher.

Dure Global Academy serves as a school founding teacher until now, and is currently studying Christian education in the Ph.D. program in education at Baekseok Graduate School.

Based on the Christian worldview, we educate students to develop their inner strength and cultivate the character of Christ.

In particular, I focus on helping students know God's infinite and delicateness through math subjects in math classes and developing self-directed learning skills through level-specific classes.


Keith Simms

Head of English Department

Literature, TOEFL, AP English Classes

My name is Keith Simms, and I am  from Canada. I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a major in Business and a Master of Divinity from Torch Trinity Graduate University in Korea. I have been an English teacher in Korea for over 20 years, and I feel like this is my second home. I have been with Dure International Creative School for the past four years, I love teaching and have been fortunate to play a small role in the lives of our students and teachers. I hope to be a better educator and help encourage our students to do their best in Christ.

Minyoung Lee

Academic Coordinator


I’m an English teacher at Dure International Creative School and studied English Education at Korea University Graduate School of Education.

 I have taught English at middle and high schools for more than 10 years and I tried to be a competent teacher to try to teach according to each student's level based on plenty of experience. 

 To my knowledge, English teachers must have insight to determined what kinds of lessons are most engaging and will endeavor for our student’s. I’m ready to be the best in my field by putting myself in my student’s shoes.


Dong Chan Kim

Deutsch, Media for Christian

Deutsch, Media for Christian

In Deutsch(German) class Students improve students' second language skills and sences of international attitudes.
Media for Christian class consists of two parts. One is the valuable area of ​​developing the ability to discern as a Christian in a reckless and limitless media environment. In the other part of this class it is focused on the technical skills for on photography and video shooting and editing.

I believe that the most important virtue as a teacher is not only the transmission of knowledge through classes but also the example of living a Christian life.
I try to become a teacher who shows students the God's love and justice through the teachings and actions.

Education : Media Technic, FH Düsseldorf, Germany
                Church Music, Chong-Shin University , Korea

Sung Yang, Ph.D

Math Classes

Sung Yang, Ph.D
Molecular Immunology,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Researcher at The Jackson Lab
Senior Researcher at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology 
Professor at YUST
Professor at Tsinghua University


Samuel So

English, TOEFL, AP History Classes

Hello, my name is Samuel So. 

First, I want to express my gratitude for being able to serve at Dure and be a part of this amazing institution. 

I am a teacher certified, F4-visa carrying teacher with several years of experience in teaching English in both the United States and Korea. I have taught in both private schools and after-school institutions/hagwons, to both native and non-native students in classrooms ranging from 1:1 to 30 plus students. I have a great passion for helping my students succeed and exceed expectations in both English and other subject areas. I believe in equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to advance academically, socially, and spiritually. Moreover, I believe in developing environments of safety and trust where students can learn to progressively apply their knowledge and skills so that we can all grow together. 

Jenny Gak

School Nurse

Literature, ESL Classes

I'm a registered nurse from Australia who recently joined DICS. I received nursing training and graduated with a nursing major from Griffith University.


My nursing philosophy is founded on a desire to uphold the values and beliefs taught by Jesus Christ to promote a sense of self-value in my students while respecting their cultural beliefs and personal preferences.


As a nurse and an English teacher, I want to provide each student personalized care, making them feel comfortable, respected, and loved by my nursing abilities.


Seok Kim


I majored in Korean language at the College of Education and have been teaching Korean for 20 years. Meeting and communicating with students through the Korean language is a mission given to me by God, and I think it is very valuable and rewarding.

김경용 선생님 2.jpeg

Kyung Yong Kim


Common Core Math Teacher

I have been teaching mathematics for middle and high school students in relation to both domestic standardized tests and college entrance exams. At Dure International Creative School, I have been assigned responsibilities for domestic entrance exam mathematics and administrative tasks.

I will strive not only to teach exam-oriented mathematics but also to foster students' logical reasoning and creative thinking skills. Additionally, I will devote myself to ensuring smooth school administration.

Based on a Christian worldview, I will serve both the staff and students, endeavoring to draw out the creative abilities that God has already implanted within the students' inner beings.

Hyun Jin Ha


I majored in sociology at Hanshin University and communication at Sungkyunkwan University. Later, she worked as a counselor at the Korea Personality Psychology Association, helping families and individuals to restore their broken personalities to biblical values and God's love. In addition, for more than 10 years, I have been working with children in the field of education to build the next generation correctly. 

There is no flower that blooms without shaking. I'm going to meet with adolescents who are going through a turbulent period and ask them serious questions about who they are and how they should live. And I will help you find your vision and mission and make this most brilliant period of your life with your friends at Dure International School. 

Life is too short to love, and because of the love that I have received freely, I will share that love with my children without falsehood and passionately.

하현진 선생님.png

Yong-Yeun Hwang

Math, Physics, AP Physics/Calculus AB Classes


 - Seoul National University



 - Dure International Creative School (2020.4~present)

Educational Philosophy

 - Helping students to explore the world of knowledge by themselves.


Yeon-Mi Park

Korean Classes

I graduated from KNUE.
Through the understanding of the work, broaden the view of the world through the eyes of the work and the reader of the author to broaden the understanding of others

Eun-sik Jang

Social Studies, Moral Life Classes

Korean & World History Classes


 - Major in History Kon  kook University

 - Graduate School of Theology Methodist Church

Education Career for 30 years


Educational  Philosophy 

 - guiding student to vision and faith

김주애 선생님.jpeg

Juae Kim

English Teacher

I was born in Korea and I lived in Singapore for a long time. I studied Psychology at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

I have several years of experience teaching English to elementary, middle, and high school students in Singapore. I also specialize in test preparation courses for English examinations such as TOEFL and SAT. 

I am very honored to be teaching at DICS as the school’s philosophy aligns with my own values. I hope to not only be an educator who teaches skills but also someone who supports the students in their personal journey with God.

Isaac Yim.jpeg

Isaac Yim

English Teacher

Isaac Yim

Handong Global University - US & Intel Law / Global Management

Hope International University, School of Psychology - M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)

Baekseok University - Ph.D. in Psychotherapy (currently attending)

"I like to teach because I like to learn. I like to learn because I like to teach. I like them because it's for the glory of God."

Bokgyu Lee

Fine Art Classes


 - Department of Environmental sculpture University of Seoul


Education Career:

 - Public lecture in Department of Environmental Sculpture, KyungGi University


Educational Philosophy

 - Creativity is the power of problem solving, it's the beauty of an active person.


Hae-ri Cho

Head of Foundation Secretariat

I am Cho Hae-ri, the Secretary-General of the Foundation. Based on social education and counseling psychology studied in graduate school, I will understand and serve schools and students with all my heart.

Inho Kim

Team Leader of Foundation Secretariat

I joined the Dure Cultural Village Foundation Secretariat as a team leader and is in charge of Dure International Creative School and youth projects.

The students who are creative, healthy and right are growing up

I am supporting the school hard to make a better school. Thank you.


Sung-hong Kim

Dorm Parent

I am working as a director of men's dormitory at Dure International Creative School. I majored in the Department of Theology and Social Welfare of Nazareth Daeha University in Cheonan, and as an educational career, I was a Korean language teacher for 10 years at Kumon Learning and 1 year in other International Christian School. My educational philosophy focuses on giving classes based on the Christian worldview and focuses on providing differentiated education for each individual ability. In 2023, we will manage the safety and accidents of entrusted students and will be in charge of education such as faith, school adaptation, life and personality through counseling.

SeonYeong Bae

Dorm Parent

I'm Bae seonyeong, a female dormitory parent at Dure International Creative School.

I majored in business administration at Kyung Hee University.
Since graduating, I had been working as an English instructor at an academy and hanging out with students closely.

I will also actively communicate with students at Dure International School and lead them to have a healthy and enjoyable school life

배선영 선생님.jpeg

Tenor Hosuk Kim

Chorus Ensemble & Praise Team Leader

Hello~ I am Hosuk Kim, your instructor.


I look forward to creating beautiful harmonies together with the students of Dure International Creative School through the gift of music that God has bestowed upon us. I also anticipate and hope for wonderful times of praising God together.




  • Graduated from the CONSERVATORIO DI MUSICA "SANTA CECILIA" ROMA, Italy (Vocal)

  • Completed the Advanced Performance Course at the A.M.I Accademia Musicale Internazionale, Italy (Vocal)

  • Completed the A.R.A.M Accademia Musicale Internazionale, Italy, in Art Song and Opera Teaching

  • Graduated from the ROMA Accademia Musicale Internazionale, Italy (Choral Conducting)

  • Graduated from the Chugye University for the Arts (Vocal)


Professional Experience



  • Instructor in the Vocal Department at the Chugye University for the Arts

  • Instructor in Church Music at Chongshin University

  • Board member of the Korean Singers Association

  • Resident conductor of the Nanuri Choir

  • Conductor at Jeja Church




  • 2002: Gold Medal, Far East Broadcasting Gospel Song Competition (Vocal)

  • 2009: 1st place, International Opera Festival Competition in Rome, Italy (Vocal)

  • 2009: Awarded in the International Leoncavallo Competition in Italy (Vocal)

  • 2019: Participation Award, Ministry of Health and Welfare-Dementia Overcoming Silver Choir Competition (Choral)

  • 2022: Grand Prize, Gyeonggi Welfare Foundation-9988 Arts Competition (Choral)

  • 2023: Silver Prize in the Mixed Silver Division at the Gangneung World Choir Competition (Choral)

Soprano Mira Lee

Chorus Ensemble & Praise Team Leader


I am delighted to connect with all of you through the enchanting language of music.

Let's embrace and express the universal language of music together, fostering connections of hearts and minds, and crafting joyous and delightful moments collectively.



  • Graduated from the CONSERVATORIO DI MUSICA "SANTA CECILIA" ROMA, Italy (Vocal)

  • Completed the Advanced Performance Course at the Accademia Musicale Internazionale of Rome (Vocal)

  • Graduated from the A.R.A.M. Accademia Musicale Internazionale, Italy, specializing in opera and art song teaching 

  • Graduated from the Vocal Department of the Chugye University for the Arts


Professional Experience

  • 50th-anniversary memorial opera performance in honor of Ennio Porrino

  • Invited to the New Year's Duo Concert at the Duomo in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

  • Invited to a Duo Opera Gala Concert in the ancient Greek amphitheater in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

  • Invited to the 40th-anniversary commemorative opera gala concert by the Belarusian Dramatic National Theatre

  • Performed various leading roles in operas such as "Cavalleria Rusticana," "Pagliacci," and "Madama Butterfly"

  • Served as a vocal instructor at the Chugye University for the Arts

  • (Current) Member of the Italian Vocal Association, Spanish Art Song Research Association, Representative of Hidden Voice Vocal Academy, actively engaged as a professional vocal performer


Dongwon Seo


Science Teacher

I spent ten years working as an officer at an overseas diplomatic post in Germany before coming to Dure International School. I believe there is a reason God has led me here, and I am committed to following this path faithfully.

I majored in Resource Engineering and worked at a geological company before pursuing a childhood dream that took me to Germany. Although I couldn't fully realize that dream due to practical limitations, the attempt itself was incredibly enriching and transformative for my life. Drawing on these experiences, I am determined to help students navigate the overwhelming challenges of pursuing their dreams, providing guidance in both their academic and personal endeavors.

Jung Sun Eom


I will do my best to make students happy and safe cafeteria by planning the nutrients and balanced diet necessary for the students who grow up.


Myunghee Kim


We will work hard so that it can be a meal time that can satisfy both students' health and joy through meals.

Myungja Park


I will be a cook who tries to provide food with clean food, hygiene, and sincerity. 

박명자 조리원님.jpeg

Yeo-ok Jeon


I will do my best to cook food that meets students' standards with a loving heart.

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