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About Board Members of DICS

Chairman : Kim, Jin-Hong (Representative of Dure Village)

Board Members

Song, Ja

Jung Jin-Gon

Cho, Bo-Hyoung

Sagong, Sung-Dae

Gwon, Young-Oh

Lee, Yang-Bok

Oh, Sung-Sam

Kang, Jeong-Il

Park, Kyung-Chul

Shim, Jae-Chang

Han, Dong-Soo

Oh, Kyoo-Hoon

Kwon, Joong-Rok

Kim, Ki-Deok

Lee, Hyeong-Cho

Joo, Young-Jeong

Jang, Shin

Chairman of Myongji Graduate School

Hanyang University's Graduate School of Education

Professor of Electrical Engineering at Seoul National University

Dr. Engineering at the National Rehabilitation Institute

Professor Hyecheon University

Professor of Law at Korea University

Songdo High School Principal

Director of the Eco-Friendly Agricultural Research Institute

CEO of Knowledge Sharing Network

Professor of Computer Engineering at Andong University

Director of the Korea Color Research Institute

Professor of counseling at Presbyterian Theological University

Professor of Journalism and Broadcasting at Daegu University

Professor of Bioengineering at Korea University

Head of Psychological Counseling Center Thanks and Joy Center

Sookmyung Women's University College of Art adjunct professor

Professor at Chonnam National University Law School

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