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Common Core Textbooks

Exclusive School-wide Textbooks for Junior High School Students

envion math 6_1.jpg
envion math 6_1.jpg

Common Core

enVision® Mathematics Common Core 6-8 provides students rich opportunities to build an understanding of important new mathematical concepts, develop fluency with critical skills necessary for success in algebra, and gain proficiency with the habits of mind and thinking dispositions of proficient mathematics students. The program includes content-focused lessons, 3-Act Mathematical Modeling lessons, STEM projects, and Pick a Project which makes math relevant to students, helping them see how it works for them in their everyday lives.

envion math 6_1.jpg
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Elevate Science

Elevate Science™ course 1-3 is for middle school science curriculum that focuses on active, student-centered learning and supports teaching the Next Generation Science Standards. The program engages students in phenomena-based inquiry, three-dimensional learning, and hands-on investigations.

Elevate Sceicne™ fuels and interest in STEM and creative problem solving while supporting literacy development for all learners. It also connects the heart of scientific knowledge with the science of “doing.”


Students investigate phenomena, engineer solutions, and demonstrate their understanding of key concepts. 

myPerspectives™ English Language Arts

myPerspectives™ English Language Arts is a learning environment that focuses on a connected approach to student learning. Students read texts and engage in activities that inspire thoughtful conversation, discussion, and debate. Students will encounter authors’ perspectives as they read literature from across time periods and cultures. Students will listen to the perspectives of their peers through conversations and collaborative activities. As students read the literature and engage in activities in myPerspectives, they will formulate—and defend—their opinions as they develop their own perspectives. In each unit of study, students will read classic and contemporary fiction and nonfiction texts and view/listen to media selections, all related to an Essential Question. Students will use technology to interact with texts and activities, and they can write directly in their Student Edition to make interaction with texts more meaningful.

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