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Admission Assessment

It comprehensively evaluates the areas of spirituality, intelligence and relationship.

Evaluation Areas 

Dure Global Academy has an interview to select students who can smoothly participate in the curriculum pursued by this school

We evaluate the following three areas.

  1. Spirituality: Dure International Creative School is a Christian school. A student's confession of faith is an important part of a Christian-based curriculum.

  2. Intellectual Capacity: Dure International Creative School selects English/science/math as an important subject and conducts in-depth classes.

  3. Relationship: Dure International Creative School values forming a community together.

The final acceptance is decided by comprehensively evaluating three areas through student interviews and parent interviews.


The scope of intelligence assessment

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The  admission in 2023

First writing (intelligence evaluation) and interview (spiritual evaluation)

Students are selected through the second entrance camp (relationship).


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